Instant Kitchen woodsign mockup
use in any graphics app

Use this mockup in you favorite graphics app. The 'instant' mockups are the most easy to use mockups. Overlay this mockup over your design and instantly create a Kitchen Woodsign mockup.

Included in this mockup are 5 PNG files, each with a kitchen color, so you can choose your favorite scene color.

How does it work:

Below a short demo video that shows how the mockup works in Google drawings, but this mockup will work with almost any graphics app!

This mockup only requires an application that is able to open png files with transparency, which most graphic apps can*. The mockup works with all these applications:

It even works with:

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In addition, seven JPG files are included that you can use to 'color' the woodsign. Each JPG is a wood color gradient based on real wood colors (well, except the first one 😉):

  1. Rustic grey
  2. Walnut brown
  3. Mahogany red
  4. Cherry red 1
  5. Cherry red 2
  6. Maple green
  7. Pine white

Below some examples of each kitchen color in combination with some of the wood-color gradients .

*    This mockup will not work with Cricut, because Cricut does not let you open a png file directly.