Bay onesie mockup

Beautiful photo realistic adorable baby onesie mock up for displaying your digital designs.

Totally adjustable to your own taste!

A manual (pdf) is included with a step-by-step description of how to use the t-shirt mockup:

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Add your design and choose any color for the onesie

Add your design to the onesie, by simple adding it to a Photoshop smart object and will show on the baby onesie automatically. It will look like your design is atually printed onto the fabric of the onesie.

Change the blanket to any color or pattern

You can change the blanket to any color you like, or even add your own pattern to the blanket. Just open the Photoshop smart object of the blanket and edit it to your own preference.

Below are two examples with different blankets, by using two different patterns (made by 'starder') and colors. The only thing done, is rotating the patterns. The initially flat patterns will look like real blankets in the mockup!