BrintusArt creates photo-realistic 'Instant' and 'Advanced PSD' mockups for crafters and designers.

The 'Instant' mockups are very easy to use and can be used in almost any app:

The 'Advanced PSD' mockups for Photoshop give an even more realistic result and are highly customizable to your own taste.

But first a new kind of mockup - a diamond painting web plugin to use on your website!

Diamond Painting

Now you can create a diamond painting mockup on he fly! You can use this plugin to show mockups in your diamond painting webshop. Upload any jpg image to show a diamondpainting mockup. There's a 'stand alone' version and a Wordpress plugin.

Click the button below for more information and demo.

Diamond Painting web-plugin

Baby onesie mockup

Beautiful photo realistic adorable baby onesie mock up for displaying your digital designs. Totally adjustable to your own taste! This is about the Photoshop version. Click the button below for more information.

Baby Onesie mockup

Woodsign mockup
any color, any background

This Photoshop Woodsign mockup can be placed on any background, you can select any of the six seperate planks and each plank has it's own 'paint' color.

Woodsign 6 planks mockup

Instant Kitchen woodsign mockup
use in any graphics app

Use this mockup in you favorite graphics app. The 'instant' mockups are the most easy to use mockups. Overlay this mockup over your design and instantly create a Kitchen Woodsign mockup.

Kitchen woodsign mockup